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...yet 1 in 4 people can't afford
mental health services

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a crowdfunding platform to help people raise funds for mental health, developmental or behavior therapy, or assistance to plug educational gaps.

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Cadence is 16 years old and is suffering from severe depression largely due social anxiety exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.  Although her family has health insurance it does not cover any issues related to mental health.  After a recent suicide attempt, intensive outpatient treatment is being sought... Read more

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Featured product:

Every month we want to highlight some great mental health and educational products out there.


Many of these products are created by mental health professionals and educators.  We want to a shine a light on them and hope, that in time, this will become a valuable MollyBird resource to help those struggling with keeping their mind healthy, or helping someone who is struggling. 


If you know of any great resources or are a creator of a great resource, we would love to consider and potentially highlight your product, you can reach us here.

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A great resource for parents and teachers to help children understand depression and how to help themselves and others.