The Mollybird Story

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"

- Rumi

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Claudia Lamb

Founder & CEO

Claudia Lamb, founder of Mollybird, is a mother of four school-aged children, well versed in challenging seasons. Seven years ago, the family moved from the UK (London) to the Midwest (Kansas City).  A seasoned (albeit somewhat tired) entrepreneur, the passion behind Mollybird has come from a very difficult journey of living with family members with mental health issues and in trying to help her teenage daughter get the mental health support she needs without having health insurance to sufficiently cover her needs. 


As an outsider and a mother, Claudia is profoundly concerned about the growing mental health crisis that is emerging across the US. We are facing a mental health tsunami exacerbated in recent years by social media, a Covid-19 and its wake of social isolation, learning and job loss and grief.  Increasing financial and global instability means that today, more than ever, so many are having to draw on mental resources from a place of exhaustion.


The mental health crisis has huge implications on the health, economic welfare and security of our country.

Mollybird is working on ways to plug mental health and education gaps by providing financial resources to those in need and working to build a resource hub and community platform to support to those who struggle or love someone who's struggling.

We want to see EVERYONE have the ability and opportunity to make their dash count.


To ensure that money is not a barrier to accessing mental health support.


To facilitate well-being by providing resources and hope.


Care & Compassion





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To connect money to people unable to pay for adequate mental health, developmental or educational support and to provide a resource and community hub of support.