Frequently Asked Questions

What is MollyBird?

MollyBird is a crowdfunding platform focussed on helping people get access to mental health services including but not limited to the cost of therapy services, specialist counselling, alternative therapies, addiction rehabilitation and services related to plugging educational gaps among students.  

What's different about the General Fund and a Campaign Fund?

Money given to the General Fund is used to support smaller campaigns (where the need is less than $1k) and is distributed at the discretion of MollyBird to help boost campaigns or in instances where the person(s) launching the campaign may not have access to social media networks or publicity.  The General Fund also helps us to demonstrate traction to gain funding and helps us cover our costs.

Money given to a Campaign goes directly to the cost of that fundraiser.  From the total amount being raised, 10% is given directly to the campaign recipient to cover incidentals related to the campaign (i.e. gas money, coffee money) and 10% is used towards building, maintaining and publicizing the MollyBird platform.

How does MollyBird differ from GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is the Godfather of crowdfunding platforms and is a great platform to raise money for just about any cause.  Medical bills, education, funeral costs, charitable causes, car purchases, potato salads - you name it! MollyBird has a singular focus - that of providing support resources and helping people raise money to cover bills related to mental health or educational assistance (i.e. tutoring) services.

Will I receive all the money raised directly? 

The money raised by your MollyBird fundraiser is paid directly to your mental health/medical provider.  When you choose to launch a MollyBird, you simply fill in a short form that provides us with the amount of the bill, we verify with the provider and seek to negotiate a 20% discount.  The discount allows us to provide you with an allowance towards any additional expenses (i.e. gas money) and to cover payment/administrative fee.  We send your funds to you via Paypal, cash app, or your preferred payment method.

What if I don't know the cost of the bill?

Therapy and counselling can be a longer-term and ongoing cost.  You can raise enough funds to cover up to 1 year of therapy/counselling.  After this, a new MollyBird needs to be launched.  Most therapists/counselors work with an hourly rate, so the following calculation would be made: Hourly rate x number of sessions = MollyBird Goal.

What if my campaign exceeds the goal?

If your campaign exceeds the goal - any money above the stated goal will be divided as follows:  

  • 20% towards MollyBird general platform costs and expansion

  • 20% to MollyBird General Fund

  • 60% paid directly to the campaign recepient

We will consider a campaign closed when it exceeds 2x its initial campaign goal.

What if I change therapist?

We understand that life happens and things change.  We keep your accounts funds in escrow (a holding account) and pay your provider directly on a monthly basis. If you find a new therapist, just be sure to let us know so that we can make payment arrangements.

Can I launch a MollyBird on behalf of a friend/loved one?

Yes!  All that you need is the name of their provider and the amount you want to raise.

Can I launch a MollyBird to cover medical expenses?

You can launch a MollyBrid to cover any costs related to non-surgical procedures. In plain English, this means that if it involves blood/surgery or physical (re)conditioning, it's not covered.  Therapy that is needed because of a surgical or medical procedure is allowed.  At the moment, we also don't support CBD related alternative therapies. 

Can I just make a general donation?

Yes, please do!  We are still working to increase our reach and grow the MollyBird platform.  One way of helping us get the word out is by making a general donation.  If you make a general donation, 10% of your donation will go towards our operating costs and 90% will go to a MollyBird in need.


If you're short on time and simply want to help others access mental health (especially those who might not have the social reach) you can donate to MollyBird's general fund.  We distribute this according to need. 


If you have launched a MollyBird and would like to be considered for this funding, apply here.  We allocate funds every 2 weeks.

Where did the name MollyBird come from?

Molly: Our founder's teenage daughter struggles with severe depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and suicidal ideation.  Molly-moo is her nickname, a variation of her name. The name itself has some wonderful meanings including: 'star of the sea' - 'beloved/wished for' and 'friend'.

Bird:  We believe in the power of nature to speak and to heal.  One day, in the middle of a particularly difficult season of uncontrollable chaos, our founder woke up to a very loud birdsong.  "Do you see what I see?"  It was almost as though she could understand what it was singing.


Since launching MollyBird, we keep coming across very remarkable Molly's.  We are currently compiling a database, and in the future, we hope we can draw some attention to them.