Rose Davila

Support the Davila family as they seek hope and healing for Rose.

Our little girl, Rose, is 7 years old and struggles with anxiety, and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

Since the age of 4, Rose has had uncontrollable meltdowns.  She was eventually diagnosed with ADHD, yet despite trying different medications, none seem to help stabilize her.   

She has repeated kindergarten because of her difficulty with concentration and requires continuous work with specialists at school along with a para throughout the day to help maintain her focus.

We recently came across a leading psychiatrist and brain health doctor in California who we're desperate to see.  We hope he'll be able to further unpack her ADHD diagnosis and see if there is an alternative to her current medications or a more holistic approach.

We want the best for our sweet girl and are desperate to find her help and healing.  

Thank you so much for your support.

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